VENTURY was created to become a major player in Industrial Air Treatment Engineering System since 1994. VENTURY can make a design based on exact computation to define total building load,cooling capacity, air volume, filtration area, duct dimensions and selection of the equipment, machinery and instrumentation to reach the designed targets and above all, to save engery.

VENTURY and Golden Elite tendered Turnkey Project in Myanmar at the Directorate of Military Engineer’s Meik Hti Lar Textile Project and Hlain Tat Textile Project in 2008 and 2009.¬†Since then, Golden Elite, as a local partner of VENTURY provides spare parts supply and maintenance services at above Textile Factories.

Prefebricated Air Washer
Rotary Drum Air Filter with Dust Collector
Automatic Waste & Dust Collection System
Stainless Steel Water Filter
High Efficiency Axial Flow Fan