• ADB SAFEGATE Group provides the Airport Industry with efficient solutions for more and safer aircraft movements. ADB SAFEGATE’s solutions improve the operation, control and handling of aircraft on the ground. As a result of dedicated research and development throughout the years, ADB SAFEGATE Group is today considered as an expert in providing solutions for Airport Operations.
  • ADB SAFEGATE  had its first ever project in Myanmar together with Golden Elite at old Nay Pyi Taw Airport Project started in 2007. From that project with DCA, the Ministry of Transport, ADB SAFEGATE expended its territory to most of the Commercial Airports and Ministry of Defence  Airfields around Myanmar. The latest project is at new Nay Pyi Taw International Airport.
  • Golden Elite is the only ADB SAFEGATE’s Official Agent and Distributor in Myanmar since 2007 for the supply of AGL Equipment and after sales services to International Airports, Domestic Airports and Military Airports around Myanmar.
  • Myanmar will extend its Airport Industry by making a new International Airport at Hanthawaddy , 80 km northeast of  Yangon near Bago with approximate area of 9,000 acres. This new Hanthawaddy International Airport is expected to have an initial capacity of 12 million passengers per annum. The project is worth 2.0 Billion USD and it is now in negotiation with Japanese Government to fund with ODA Loan. ADB SAFEGATE will try its best to be a part of this new project.
SafeLED 12`` Combined Threshold / End Inset
Runway Edge Light
Microprocessor controlled thyristor CCR
Runway Center Line
SafeLED Runway Guard Light
Taxiway Edge
Flashing System
Safedock A-VDGS
Safedock Ramp Information Display System RIDS
SL-TC-I-SL-SB-I-SafeLED Taxiway Centerline Lead On and Stop Bar 8``